Pocket Corkscrew, 'Concealed Pen' Wine Bottle Cork Puller

BrassCorkScrews.Com offers this unique, brass made folding, pocket held small wine bottle cork extractor. This European, Artisan Made Cork Opener is as small as a pen and can discretely fit any pocket and makes an interesting traveling gift that any wine enthusiast would appreciate.

Small Pull and Twist, Traveling Pocket Cork Opener

Weighing only 135 grams, the WBF308 small, wine bottle cork opener is 11cm tall when folded and can be conveniently carried in a pocket or purse. When needed for use, unscrew the body from the head and slip it into the hole and you got a 'T-pattern' corkscrew. Once done the user can safely hand screw the cork puller into the wine bottle's cork and pull it out. Once ready the corkscrew body can be pulled out of the hole and folded back into a handy and compact, pen like item and put away in a pocket. Such a convenient gadget is perfect for a wine enthusiast to uncork his chosen wine bottle at the end of a fine meal at a restaurant which is sure to raise a talking point with friends.

This hand crafted folding brass cork opener would make a great gift for any wine enthusiast and it would be a fine addition to any cork screw collection.

WBF308 - Small, Folding Pocket CorkScrew

Material: Brass made

Overall length: 105mm

Weight: 135 gr

Availability: Typically in stock

pocket, folding wine cork opener

Folding, pen sized twist & pull cork openers, brass made

Private or Reseller Orders: These pen sized, folding cork openers are typically in stock and can be purchased in single, small or any quantity internationally.

For Pricing, Availability or Questions about the WBF308 Wine Bottle Brass Corkscrew Puller: Kindly contact Renaissance Arts Company Limited by E-Mail or phone.